The Jewish Kitchen
Author: Moshe Eliyohu Klugmann
Publisher: TP

Hard Cover / 87 pages

Product Description
What is the status of cutlery found in the wrong drawer? May one pour hot water from a kettle or an urn into a utensil with Milchig or Fleishig food in it? Do hard boiled eggs need to be checked for blood spots? The answers to these, and over 100 other questions, are clearly explained in this useful book. Based on the halachic rulings of Rav Yaakov E. Forchheimer (Lakewood, NJ) and reviewed extensively by him, this treasure trove of information is designed to educate the Jewish homeowner of all halachos pertaining to Kashrus in the kitchen. Covers all the basic laws and customs, along with practical applications in real-life scenarios, footnotes, and a section of Review Questions.