Chasan Hatorah
Author: Baruch Levine
Publisher: ad

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Product Description
Its been 2 years since Baruch Levine hit the music scene with his debut album. Since the release of Vezakeni, Baruch has very busy performing all over the country his hits and great compositions. Well Shavous is here and its time for one last album before you go to the mountains this summer " BARUCH LEVINE 2-CHASSAN HATORAH". This stupendous album boasts 10 new songs PLUS a medley of Baruch's greatest hits that were originally recorded by other artists. Special guests on this album is the Yeshiva Boys Choir. The arrangements on the album were done by the best in the business; Yanky Briskman, Leib Yaakov Rigler, Mona Rosenblum and of course Baruch himself. Song List:

  • Chosson Hatorah
  • Haneshama
  • Sholom
  • Ki Hu
  • Anim Zemiros
  • Veheivai Yodea
  • Val Da
  • Kol Haberuim
  • Samchem
  • Kishoit
  • Baruch Levine Classics