The Soul of the Jewish Violin
Author: Boris Savchuk
Publisher: se

25 Most Famous Jewish-Yiddish Melodies

Product Description
For hundreds of years the violin has been the musical instrument most associated with the Jews of Eastern Europe. The violin, or "fiddle" in Yiddish, was the heart of the "klezmer" band as well as being the honored guest at all Jewish social occasions, both joyous and somber. Boris's skillful playing of the fiddle is richly rooted in the traditions of his Jewish heritage. This CD contains 25 of the best-loved Yiddish songs such as "A Yiddishe Mama", "Papirosen", "Belz", "Reyzele" and others. Track Listing:

  • 1. Chiribim, Chiribom Medley
  • 2. Moyshele Mayn Fraynd
  • 3. Papirosen
  • 4. A Yiddishe Mamma
  • 5. Belz Medley
  • 6. Avriemel Der Marvicher
  • 7. Roshinkes Mit Mandlen
  • 8. Beigalach
  • 9. Kinder Yoren Medley
  • 10. Oyfen Veg Shteit A Boym
  • 11. Kartofel Zup Mit Shvomen
  • 12. Efsher Yo Un Efsher Neyn