Klezmatics - Jews with Horns
Author: Klezmatics

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folks are scary good. This is the band that made me sit up and notice that klezmer was changing, becoming something of this day and age. Periodically, as on the stunningly beautiful Romanian Fantasy, or even on the more straightforward bulgars that follow, the band reminds the listener that they know from traditional klez--how to play it, and how to give it life. But starting off the album with the rocking "Man in a Hat" (Canada's wonderful Moxy Früvous join in on this one!) the Klezmatics push and redefine Klez, as well. Song List Man in a Hat (words: David Lindsay; music: traditional/Klezmatics) 2:59 Fisherlid (words: Aliza Greenblatt; music: traditional/London) 8:30 Khsidim Tants (Hassidic dance) (traditional, arranged by Svigals with Krakauer, London, Mandelson) 4:16 Simkhes-Toyre (words: Mark Warshawsky; music: Warshawsky/London) 2:28 Romanian Fantasy (traditional: Svigals with Sklamberg, Krakauer) 4:37 Bulgars/The Kiss (traditional, London, Klezmatics) 6:51 Inspired by an ACT UP kiss-in in New York Nign (Sklamberg) 3:30 Wordless song of ecstasy in the Hassidic style Honga (traditional, London) 3:18 In Kamf (David Edelstadt, Klezmatics) 3:25 One of the most popular Yiddish labor songs, written in America in 1889 Doyna (London; Clarinet improsation: Krakauer) 2:20 Freyt Aykh, Yidlekh(Get Happy, Jews) (traditional / London, Klezmatics) 4:58 Kale Bazetsn (Svigals) 1:52 The Seating of the Bride Keyser Tartar-Tants (traditional / Klezmatics) 6:27 Hot Tartar dance Es Vilt Zikh Mir Zen (poem: Celia Dropkin; music: London) 2:17 Celia Dropkin (1888 - 1956), pioneer of the Yiddish in zikh (introspective) poetry movement. Overture (London) 1:52 with Matt Darriau: alto sax

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