Davka Dikduk II
Publisher: JP

Product Description
Davka Dikduk II introduces advanced concepts of Hebrew grammar with enjoyable, original lessons, combined with challenging and entertaining quizzes that reinforce material studied in the program. The program includes the following: * Six grammatical constructs - Pi'el, Hif'il, Hitpa'el, Nif'al, Pu'al, and Huf'al * Prefixes and suffixes * Nouns, adverbs and conjunctions * Interrogative (Question) words * Numbers * Torat Ha-Hegeh V'Hanikud Davka Dikduk II was designed to make studying Hebrew grammar visually intuitive and easily understandable. All of the exercises, quizzes, and information screens were painstakingly developed to facilitate understanding the underlying principles of Hebrew grammar. The program's interface allows quick and easy access to all units, stories, quizzes, and exercises.