Prayer Practice
Publisher: JP

Learn how to sing ten basic Jewish prayers!

Product Description
With Prayer Practice, each line of the prayer is highlighted as it is sung, and is shown with Hebrew and English transliteration. Listen to the tunes sung by a human voice or in a special "Karaoke" mode, where you sing along with musical accompaniment. Included are: Adon Olam Ashrei (full prayer) First paragraph of Shema Beginning of Amidah Aleinu Friday Night Kiddush Part I Friday Night Kiddush Part II Shalom Aleichem Torah Blessings Birkat Hamazon (first paragraph) Prayer Practice is an excellent instructional tool! Besides the standard display setup, transliterations can be hidden, thus ensuring that students read the actual Hebrew text. Fully printable texts of all above prayers are included on the CD in both PDF and DavkaWriter formats. Win/Mac | CD System Requirements: PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 64MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card, Pentium 166. PC Recommended: Pentium 233, 128 MB RAM or Mac Minimum: Power Mac 166, 64 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, System 9.x and above. Mac Recommended: G3 233, 64 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, System 9.x and above.