Ve'Heshiv Lev Avot
Publisher: JE

Turning back the Father's Heart.A Drama of Human Emotion.

Product Description
Eli is a sensitive, 13 year old boy who Shows excellence in his studies and social relationships. Life in the shadow of fear rules in the house and shatters his normal routine, causing his manner and studies to decline. Between his caring Friends and his teachers' humanitarian attitude towards "Talmud Torah" (Cheider), his dreaded secret and threats from home are revealed. With supporting advice and assistance from a great Torah Scholar, they rescue Eli and his family from the hands of violence, by repairing 'Midot' (ethics) and establishing an environment of "Modeh Ve'Ozev Yerucam". Drama - A vibrant, thrilling, exciting and emotionally moving experience. Recommended for viewing from age 12 & up, with the accompaniment of an adult.

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