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It Wasn't How It Seemed
Author: Yehudis Samel
Publisher: Mesorah Publications

True stories about people who jumped to conclusions
P/B $9.99

  Product Description
Everyone likes a story with a surprise ending; and many a famous writer has made a career of such stories. They are tales that tease and please — but when they are done, the reader is left with just a smile or a tear.

Rebbetzin Yehudis Samet, too, treats us with surprises — but her stories make us think and grow. She explores the way we look at events — better said, how we judge and interpret happenings and the people involved in them.

You may be certain that things are just the way you think — but Rebbetzin Samet shows that it isn’t always so. This collection of charming stories illustrates how easy it is to be mistaken. But more important, she shows us how easy it is to see the good in people.

These are stories with surprise endings — pleasant surprises, surprises that make us smile and say, “There is so much good in people. All we have to do is open our eyes and look for it.”

Then we will realize that something may have seemed terrible, but it’s not how it seems.

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