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Author: Translation and commentary by Rabbi meir Zlotowitz
Publisher: Mesorah Publications

The twelve prophets: Yonah
Hard cover - Heb-Eng $18.99
Paper back - Heb-Eng $15.99

  Product Description
The Book of Jonah has become indelibly identified with Yom Kippur - it is a textbook of repentance and mercy. It is one of the smallest and seemingly simplest Books in all of Scriptures, but Jonah abounds in mystery.

  • Who was this man Jonah, who emerges as such a strange figure?
  • How could a man of his stature - a prophet! - hope to escape from the Omnipresent?
  • What was the purpose of Jonah's prophecy to the Assyrian capital?
  • Why was the prophesy, as the prophet understood it, not fulfilled?
  • What was the meaning of the analogy with the kikayon?
  • Now, this completely unique treatment of Jonah explores not only the Book but also its relationship to repentance and Yom Kippur - indeed, the very concepts of repentance, atonement, and forgiveness, which underlie Judaism.
  • An anthologized commentary with sweep and thoroughness; a translation that is faithful and beautiful; Overviews of profound thought and poetic beauty - all of these make this volume a worthy addition to the award-winning Series that is the new standard of English-language Bible commentary.
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