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The Salad Bible
Author: Davida Rantz
Publisher: DR

Do you like veggies, but want to try more than the usual Caesar’s salad? This is just the book that health-conscious gourmets have been praying for!
Hard Cover $51.99
Soft Cover $41.99

  Product Description
The Salad Bible is a cookbook featuring recipes about salads without – surprise! – lettuce. Its intention is to show cooking enthusiasts that the term salads can mean more than leaves. This cookbook can help foodies as they develop their cooking skills and take that next step into the world of the culinary arts. It is divided into five sections based on the level of difficulty, preparation, or cooking technique:

* The Fresh Salads is the closest to a traditional salad section in this book. All the salads in this section are made from fresh vegetables.
* Salads from the Pantry is the section that uses vegetables from a jar or a can. These have been partially cooked before being packed in their containers. Students with limited kitchen space will find this chapter handy.
* The Healthy Fried Salads segment is very different from the other four sections. This chapter teaches us that deep-frying – done properly – can be healthy.
* Roasted Salads is truly a unique way of making a salad. This is the perfect place to find something a little different when asked to bring a salad to a potluck dinner.
* The Cooked/Marinated Salads section is where the process of cooking happens. These recipes are for the cook that has a bit more time.

Tips have been included at the end of each recipe for your added assistance. These range from serving suggestions to how to utilize leftovers. After you have tried all the great recipes in this book, you too will be telling your friends that salads don’t need to have lettuce or leaves to be terrific!

So go ahead and savor the smells and tastes of these mouth-watering salads!

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