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Death & Bereavement
Author: Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Publisher: MES

Translation, Commentary, and an Overview - "Kaddish / Prayer of Sanctification"
Hard cover - Heb-Eng $9.99
Paper back - Heb-Eng $6.99

  Product Description
Kaddish is undoubtedly Judaism's best known prayer. Ask people even remotely knowledgeable about Jewish practice and they will tell you that Kaddish is the prayer of the death. A touching prayer. An emotional prayer. Breathes there a son or daughter who could stand at the bier of a parent without a twinge of remorse for duty unfulfilled?
Whether in lands of oppression or of opportunity, the name Kaddish evokes filial sensitivity and Jewish feeling that had lain dormant in the face of all else.
Yes, Kaddish is our best known prayer.
For it contains not a word about death or guilt or nostalgia. Rather it is a declaration of faith in Israel's national purpose, of confidence in the ultimate triumph of the ideals for which heaven and earth were created, of longing for the time when people -all people- will accept the spiritual mission that transcends death and gives meaning to life.
The Kaddish presents this beautiful prayer in all its implication, background, and meaning. It is a beautiful book, and inspiring and immensely readable treatise on life, hope, and dedication. To read this book is to feel elevated, to stand taller, and to face the trials of life with more strength.
And to acquire a precious slice of the eternal Jewish heritage of spirituality and values that outlast current events and the passing parade of fashionable opinion.

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