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Torah/Bible/ Commentaries
Chok L'Yisrael - 10 VOL. SET
Author: Translated by Yoseph Milstein
Publisher: IH

Hebrew - English Version. ONLY SOLD AS A 10 VOL. SET.

Made In Israel


  Product Description
This book contains the parshas of the Torah divided into the days of the week including the Rashi commentary in both English and Hebrew. In addition, it includes a portion of the Prophets, its English translation, and Rashi commentary. Each daily section consists also of a Mishnah in the Talmud, Ethical teachings, and Halachah.

  • Vol. 1: Parshas Beresheet to Toldot
  • Vol. 2: Parshas Beresheet to Vayechi
  • Vol. 3: Parshas Shemot to Yetro
  • Vol. 4: Parshas Mispatim to Pekude
  • Vol. 5: Parshas Vayikra to Metzora
  • Vol. 6: Parshas Acharei Mot to Bechukotai
  • Vol. 7: Parshas Bamidbar to Korach
  • Vol. 8: Parshas Chukat to Masei
  • Vol. 9: Parshas Devarim to Shoftim
  • Vol. 10: Parshas Ki Tetze to Zot Haberach
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