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Women's Studies
Tending the Garden
Author: Chana Weisberg
Publisher: FP

The Unique Gifts of the Jewish Woman


  Product Description
What unique gifts do Jewish women bring into the world?

How can she use those gifts to fulfill her special purpose?

Today's Jewish woman does not need to look to outside resources for spiritual and emotional fulfillment. From our first "mother" Chava and in every generation since then, we have been blessed with great Jewish women who have provided us with wellsprings of inspiration and guidance.

In this beautifully crafted book the author, Chana Weisberg, illuminates the special blessings, gifts and unique feminine qualities that the Jewish woman has been given to fulfill her purpose in the world. Through this lens the author explores the lives, experiences, and roles of Jewish women in history, the matriarchs, the Jewish festivals & cycles, special women's mitzvot, and mysticism to understand what is the eternal and divine mission of the Jewish woman.

"Tending the Garden" gives us invaluable insights and lessons on how we, today's Jewish women, can both appreciate and utilize out unique feminine gifts in order to fulfill our special purpose: to transform our lives, our homes and out world into G-d's beautiful garden.

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