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Rinas Chaim
Author: Friedlander, Rabbi Chaim
Publisher: FP


  Product Description
The mashgiach of the Ponevezh Yeshiva, left behind a precious legacy of writings and teachings, published in Hebrew as Sifsei Chaim. Now, for the first time in translation, the Mashgiach’s collected shiurim on the Yomim Noraim Shmoneh Esrei, are available to English-speaking readers. Gain a deeper understanding of tefillah, shofar, the ultimate Redemption and HaShem’s Divine plan – as seen through the exalted words, themes, and messages of these awesome days. Simple yet profound, uplifting and majestic, every page of this book is filled with stimulating insights that will help you unleash the power of prayer during the Yamim Noraim. Contains the entire Hebrew text of Rinas Chaim, newly typeset and fully vowelized.
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