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The Anah Dodi Haggadah
Author: Rabbi David Feinstein
Publisher: Mesorah Publications

The complete Passover Haggadah with comments, insights and ideas


  Product Description
At the Seder, people think of Rabbi David Feinstein as the halachic authority, whose Kol Dodi Haggadah sets forth and clarifies the procedure for every aspect of the Seder.

But there is another, barely known, facet of the man's astounding Torah greatness - one that became known to the general public only with the publication of his Kol Dodi on the Torah. For many years he has delivered shiurim on the weekly Torah reading every Freiday at mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem, where he serves as Rosh Yeshiva. In those lectured, this self-effacing scholar analyzes the construction of a phrase, compares it with similar texts, notes nuances that elude most students,delves into human nature, cites obscure but relevant teachings of the Sages, and sheds light on halachic and ethical teachings.

His appraoch is original. His conclusions are unique applications of classic rabbinic elucidation. One can close his eyes and let his imagination drift to the great Torah masters of old as he listens to these superb germs of timeless wisdom. Until now,these outstanding shiurim were known only to those who attended the lectures, many of whom juggled their professional scedules to come.

In this brilliant work, Rabbi Feinstein does the same with the haggadah. With the Rosh Yeshiva's cooperation many of his insights and interpretations on the Haggadah have now been adapted by Pinchos Osher Rohr for the delight of thousands at their own Seder.

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