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There's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush
Author: Sandy Goldstein
Publisher: SE



  Product Description
Almost every Jewish child who lives in the U.S. has experienced it: that longing for a Christmas tree. And every now and then, he or she may encounter a child who has a Chanukah Bush, which is just "like a Christmas tree... but it's for Jews." Parents may find themselves hard pressed to explain why they won't put a tree up in their own home, even though others may do so. There's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein is the Emmy-winning (for Outstanding Achievement for Children's Programs) 23-minute film about young Robin, a girl who wants a tree so badly that she dreams of decorated trees beckoning to her. Despite her mother's explanation that people are Jewish in different ways, which is why Sandy Goldstein can have a Christmas tree and they cannot, Robin still desires one of her own. A night out at a Christmas party with her grandfather changes her wishes, though, when she learns that it's OK to enjoy other people's trees as you help them celebrate their holidays, just as they can help you celebrate yours. "There's a difference between celebrating something because you believe in it and helping friends celebrate something because they believe in it." This is a lovely story that will appeal to young children and help them to understand and appreciate the traditions and cultures of others. --Jenny Brown
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