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Ultimate Miami: The English Collection p-4445
Author: by Yerachmiel Begun and The Miami Boys Choir


  Product Description
We all grew up on Miami\'s music and especially its Hashkafah styled English hits. Who can forget such worldwide phenomena as \"We Need You\", \"Mr. Carter\", or \"Be a Mentch\"? Or the heartfelt renditions of \"Sunshine\", \"I Want To Know\", and \"When\"?

Now in a 26 song, 2cd, single priced set, these songs come to life in a NEWLY DIGITALLY REMASTERED FORMAT, as we hear these songs with a whole new fresh sound.

Your family will be shocked how many of these songs you know, and you will be surprised how many they don\'t!


A full color, 40 page beautifully designed booklet with easy to read lyrics and phenomenal never before seen pictures of today\'s choir. Share with your family, and hear \'for the first time\' the English hit songs we all grew up with. World classics of Jewish music, spanning over three decades.

ULTIMATE MIAMI - The English Collection. Priced as a single CD! FOR AGES - 3-103.

  • The Simcha Song
  • Min Hashamayim
  • Sunshine
  • We Need You
  • B'siata Dishmaya
  • Be a Mentsch
  • One By One
  • Stand Up
  • Live a Life of Torah
  • Shabbos Yerushalayim
  • When
  • Araivim
  • Experience
  • Shiru Lo
  • Klal Yisroel
  • Hand of Hashem
  • Torah Today
  • Mr. Carter
  • Shabbos Candles
  • Around the World
  • I Want to Know
  • We Will Prevail
  • Would You Please
  • One the Road to Yerrushalayim
  • Lift Up Your Candle
  • Victory Entebbe
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