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Chanuka & Passover at Bubbe's
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"...A Must for home And Classroom Viewing."
DVD $25.00

  Product Description
Kids of all ages will find pure enjoyment celebrating Chanuka & Passover at Bubbe's (everybody's beloved grandmother). Join in a joyful romp with a host of colorful muppet-like characters. There is Anton the bully, who insists on having things his way, Rhino, who "horns" in before he understands the situation, Chester, who tries too hard, practical Zachary and adorable Muffin.

While this delightful group prepares for the holiday feast, we witness the past as Bubbe relates the story of Chanuka - the fight between the Greeks and the Maccabees - the miracle of the burning oil - the importance of religious freedom for all people.

And while Bubbe prepares for her annual Passover Seder, they are surprised by a talking Haggadah and are magically whisked back to Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. There, they experience the trials of captivity and ultimately, a triumphant escape to freedom.

Special DVD exclusives: "Sing along at Bubbe's", traditional games, recipes, prayers and songs.Running time: 75 minutes

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