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Adventures in Totsland
Publisher: SM

Volume 1 - DVD $23.00
Volume 2 - DVD $25.00
Torah Tots Live! - Vol. 1 DVD $25.00
Torah Tots Live! - Vol. 2 DVD $25.00
Welcome to Totsland - Vol. 3 DVD $25.00
Volume 4 - DVD $25.00

  Product Description
For over ten years, the Torah Tots have brought the Mitzvot of Hashem to life with a swirl of splendor. The antics of this troupe of Mitzvah friends teach important Jewish concepts in a fresh, humorous and exciting way.

Meet Talmi D. Torah, an on-the-go Torah scroll, Tubby the Tayva, a cuddly ark with a child's imagination, Beano the Becher, a Kiddush Kup who loves to be inventive, Hardy Har Sinai, the mountain with a southern drawl and Simi the Siddur, the blue book with a Tefilah attitude. Baruch McBracha, the Mayor of Totsland runs the town and keeps the Torah Tots safe from the Yetzer Horah, who is always trying to trick the tots. Of course, his distant cousin, the Yetzer Hatov, is only a buzz away on the YT Hotline.

"Adventures In Totsland" is a series featuring fun, intriguing stories, and rhyming Suess-like dialogue. The characters are colorful 3-D figures. The sceneries are lavish with detail. The pace is quick and moves along.

Each story is filled with exciting dilemmas teaching that there consequences to our actions, a concept that can be learned on different levels. That's what makes Torah Tots so special; it spans the early childhood years, helping to develop a good sense of judgment, pride and understanding in a fun and exciting way!

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