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Sinai Treasure
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Archeology meets Judaic lore in an unforgettable film titled "Sinai Treasure", produced and directed by Yehuda Groveis. Mystery and debate surround the legendary journey of R' Yehuda Halevi, who left Spain to reach Eretz Yisrael through the Sinai Desert. In this epic motion picture, his descendant sets out to discover the truth. Filmed simultaneously in both Hebrew and English, "Sinai Treasure" is the story of one man's quest to locate and retrieve a buried treasure, stolen many generations ago. It is an action-adventure film, chock-full of daredevil stunts: The cast of characters thrills us with non-stop horse chases, dune buggy desert driving, and even on-location cliff rappelling!
When an orthodox Jew named Avraham has his wallet stolen by an elderly Arab thief named Sayid, he enlists Sayid's help in searching for the lost treasure of R' Yehuda Halevi. The two soon become friends and partners in a race to unearth the missing fortune. Set-upon by a murderous tribe of Bedouins, they are captured and brought to the Sheik, who unveils undeniable evidence of the treasure's existence. When Avraham and Sayid escape from their tent, they must outrun the bloodthirsty tribe and get to the hidden gold first!

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