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Touring Yerushalayim Vol 1
Author: Pesach Levy
Publisher: SM

Vol 2: Kosel Area, Lions Gate, Bais Yazak, Arab Shuk, Yemin Moshe and more.
DVD Vol 1 $25.00
DVD Vol 2 $25.00
DVD Vol 3 $25.00

  Product Description
One of Israel's leading tour guides brings Tanach alive in this picturesque tour of the Holy City. Pesach Levy, a veteran tour guide for over 35 years, gives you a front row seat tour of Jerusalem in this emotional, inspiring a
  • Har Hazeisim
  • Kevrei Neviem
  • Nachal Kidron
  • Emek Yehoshefat
  • Ancient Water System
  • Solomon's Pool
  • Southern View
  • Emek Habocho
  • Gay Ben Hinom
  • Yemin Moshe
  • Third Wall of Yerushalayim
  • Jaffa Gate
  • Migdal Dovid
  • Kever Shimon Hatzadik
  • Kever Shmuel Hanavi
  • Har Hatzofim
  • View of Dessert
  • Yad Avshalom
  • Kever Zecharia Hanavi
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