The Doodle Family Hanukkah
Author: Reudor
Publisher: AL

Delightful, comprehensive, user-friendly volume, jammed full of fun, history and traditions. Educational and entertaining for the whole family

Product Description
Eight Reasons Why You Should Get: 1. Because It's here and so are you! 2. It'll give you the inside scoop on making money the easy way - By getting Hanukkah Gelt! 3. It encourage your parents to feed you yummy, fatty, sweet junk food, under the guise of tradition! 4. It has complete guide for pyromaniacs, from striking a match to lighting thirty six flames during eight nighs! 5. It will take you through a step by step tutorial on gambling right in your own home! 6. It has loads of fun and games and songs and comics and other cool stuff! 7. You don't need to hide a comic book in it. It already has one built in! 8. That's all the fingers I got, man!