The Jewish Kitchen, Expanded 1 Vol. Edition
Author: R. Moshe Eliyohu Klugman

A comprehensive review of the Halachos pertaining to a Kosher kitchen and Tevilas Keilim

Product Description
What is the status of cutlery found in the wrong drawer? May one pour hot water from a kettle into a utnesil with a Milchig or Fleishig Food in it? Do hard boiled eggs need to be checked for blood spots? Can a utensil be used before Tevila, even once? The answers to these questions and over 160 more are clearly defined in this Sefer. Based on the Pesakim of Harav Yaakov E. Forchheimer shlit"a and with his extensive review, The Jewish Kitchen is a treasure trove of information designed to educate the Jewish homemaker of all the Halachos pertaining to Kashrus in the kitchen and Tevilas Keilim. The Jewish Kitchen is replete with all the basic laws and customs along with its practical applications in real life scenarios. It is at once comprehensive and easy to read, with Mareh Mekomos for one interested in further research. The Jewish Kitchen is a must in every Jewish home Hard Cover / 170 pages