A Seder Night Miracle
Author: Rabbi Naftali Ehrmann
Publisher: fp

Hardcover, Large Format, 52 pages, Illustrated by Chedvah Rubin

Product Description
When the Jews in the little French village hear Bernard the wagon-driver's dire warning on Erev Pesach, they respond with prayer and prepar for battle. All except for one family, the family of Reb Aharon Neir, the local butcher. Despite the panic, they proceed as usual, and conduct a beautiful Seder, filled with song and tradition. Perfect reading for Pesach and year-round, A Seder Night Miracle is the uplifting story of a family's simple faith. The account of the miraculous events of the Seder night of 1848 in Alsace, France, was passed down from generation to generation and later written in German by Rav Naftali Ehrmann. Adapted for our times and masterfully illustrated by Chedvah Rubin, this historical tale will delight young and old alike.