The Ways of the Tzaddikim
Author: Edited by Rabbi Gavriel Zaloshinsky
Publisher: FP

A valuable addition to the bookshelf of the thoughtful reader and student

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Product Description
This work offers a step-by-step approach to Character refinement. Originally published in Yiddish nearly five hundred years ago, Orchos Tzaddikim appeared for the first time in Hebrew in 1581. Since then more than eighty different editions have been issued, an indication of the popularity of this outstanding, beloved mussar work. In 1988, Feldheim Publishers issued Orchos Tzaddikim Ha-Shalem, a completely corrected, annotated and vowelized Hebrew edition of this classic. The accuracy of this edition was widely acclaimed, and now we are honored to present an equally accurate, contemporary English translation, appearing here alongside the Hebrew. 192 pp. Hardcover

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