Measurement Guide for the Seder
Publisher: FP

This is a guide for the exact amount of matzah, afikoman, korech and maror that should be eaten

Product Description
The Torah has given specific quantities for the Mitzvos of the Seder. Thus, in order to fulfill these Mitzvos, both men and women must eat no less than the required amounts. Any individual who is unable to eat or drink the amounts as listed in this guide because of illness, age, etc., should consult a Rov. The amounts in this guide are based upon the pamphlet destributed by Beth Medrosh L'Torah V'Horoah under the leadership of HaGaon Rav Moshe Feinstein, zt'l. It should be emphasized that this guide does not contain all the laws of the Seder and can therefore in no way substitute for a thorough study of these laws. It is hoped, however, that this guide will be an aid at the Seder in measuring the various amounts required for these Mitzvos.