The Complete Bris Milah Companion
Author: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein & Rabbi-Mohel Levi
Publisher: JLG

The ultimate guide for new parents and anyone interested in learning more about the mitzvah of Bris Milah — ritual circumcision.

Product Description
This all-in-one guide includes everything you need to know, plus all relevant prayers and blessings. Great for expectant parents, new parents, and a special memento for all your guests at the Bris ceremony. Includes: • A comprehensive introduction and overview of Bris Milah, chapters on Pregnancy and Birth, Shalom Zochor, Choosing a Name, and more. • All prayers and liturgy for the Bris ceremony in clearly set Hebrew, along with easy-to-read English transliteration and translation. • The entire Grace After Meals, with all additions. • The ceremony for naming a baby girl. • A selection of basic Jewish prayers for the child’s early years.