Anger - The Inner Teacher
Author: Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Publisher: MES

A nine-step program to free yourself from anger.

Product Description
Overcoming negative character traits is theessence and purpose of life” (Vilna Gaon). Anger is one of the most destructive traits. It can harm us and others spiritually, physically,emotionally, and socially. Anger, powerful and negative though it is, can also serve as our teacher (see Eruvin 65b). It shows us who we are, what is important to us, our level of self-mastery, and how we cope with adversity andfrustration. We must learn from anger and, in the process, master not only it,but ourselves -- because we can. We are not doomed to repeat our tantrums and indignation, constantly and endlessly. We can change. But how? In Anger: The Inner Teacher, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, a noted author and insightful counselor, presents a nine-step program to help us purge anger from ourselves. The author draws on Torahliterature and his extensive counseling experience to build a comprehensiveapproach for coping with anger. This book is a practical guide offering underlying concepts and practical hands-on tools for decreasing and preventing anger. Thestep-by-step program is for anyone wishing to gain greater mastery over his orher emotions. It also provides a useful model for those in the helpingprofessions. As long as we are alive we can choose to correct the way we live. Anger is a natural human emotion. Refining and transcending itprovides us with the opportunity to become the type of human being we wish tobe. Rabbi Pliskin has gained an international following as someone who sets his sights high but keeps his approach down to earth.Inspirational but practical, this book -- like its author -- is a realisticguide to a better, more fulfilling life.