Torah Anthology - Me'am Lo'ez -Esther 8257
Author: Rabbi Yaakov Culi
Publisher: MZ

Torah Anthology - Me'am Lo'ez - The Book of Esther Translated by: Aryeh Kaplan

Product Description
The Torah Anthology is a clear, modern translation of Me'am Lo'ez commentary of each Megillah and includes the full text plus commentary of each book - Kohelet - Ecclesiastes, Shir Hashirim - Song of Songs, Ruth, Aicha - Lamentations, and Esther. One each of each megilot is included in the 5 volume set. The Me'am Lo'ez (Torah Anthology) commentary on the Bible was originally written in the Ladino language in Constantinople, mostly during the 18th century, by successive rabbinic scholars. It is a monumental classical work which weaves halachah and aggadah from the Talmud and the Midrash with the best of the later commentaries to produce an exceedingly thorough, yet immensely readable, work.

  • The Book of Esther: The Torah Anthology is a clear, modern translation of the text and the Me'am Lo'ez commentary on the Book of Esther.(252 Pages)