Festivals of Life
Author: Rabbi Zev Leff

The Depth and Meaning of the Moadim Cover: Hardcover Pages: 309

Product Description
In Festivals of Life, Rabbi Zev Leff, consummate educator and internationally renowned lecturer, shifts our focus from the external trappings of the mo'adim-the Jewish holidays, to their inner meaning. He helps us access the hidden dimension of our festivals and emerge closer to our Creator. Explore the many facets of our mo�adim:

  • •Discover how Rosh Chodesh teaches us critical lessons about our nation�s purpose on this earth.
  • •See how Sukkos synthesizes the messages of Pesach and Shavuos and why this leads to joy.
  • •Appreciate the intrinsic connection between Tu BiShevat and TuB�Av and how they prepare us for the days that follow.
  • •Understand what sefiras ha'omer teaches us about achieving potential, and why it is the essential prerequisite for accepting the Torah.
  • •Learn how Tishah B�Av prepares us for Yom Kippur and, ultimately, for Mashiach.
  • Each festival is a gift. Read Festivals of Life and find out how you can tap into the deeper meaning of each moed.