Od Yosef Chai 4
Author: Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt

Original Release Date Mar 15, 2011

Product Description
Aderet Music proudly presents Od Yosef Chai Volume 4! This amazing series prides itself on the best quality restoration available. Fans of the first three albums will be further impressed by the advances in restoration in just the last year alone. Od Yosef Chai 3 was extremely well received, in fact it was written up in the New York Times, Haddasah Magazine and audio reports were done on NPR (National Public Radio) and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). This incredible collection of classic Yosselle recordings will leave you speechless, almost like being there live for the first time. 1. Vehu Rachum 2. Tal 3. Zorea Tzedokos 4. Lomir Zich Iberbeiten 5. Akavia 6. Areshes Sifaseinu 7. Elokai Ad Shelo Notzarti 8. Amar Rabi Elozor 9. Rachem Na 10. Yishtabach 11. Zaro Chayo 12. Ma Lecho Hayom