Pruzbul - pz201
Author: Yitzy Blad
Publisher: ad

This dynamite album, composed, arranged, and produced by Yitzy Bald, is already creating quite a buzz.

Product Description
Three years in the making, it contains some very hot brand new music. Also featured on the album is a duet with Yossi Green, and an English song written by Yitzy Waldner. Coincidentally, the English song, called, You’re Watching Me, is a very moving rendition of a famous 9/11 story of Hashgacha Pratis (Divine Intervention). It will leave you speechless.

  • Taseh
  • Shteig
  • You're watching me
  • Pruzbul
  • Chavivin
  • Brocha
  • Ashira
  • Hu
  • Yizkireim
  • V'lo

CD $17.00