Shalsheles Junior 2
Author: Shalsheles Junior

Original Release Date Mar 6, 2011

Product Description
The long anticipated follow up to Shalsheles Junior debut album is finally here. You can now hear what this AMAZING album has to offer. Shalsheles Junior is: Edan Pinchot, Dovid Dachs, CJ Glicksman and Avrumi Schwebel. Each of these mega talented kids is a singer in their own right as they have presented by this past years HASC XXIV show. The album features 10 stellar compositions 9 of which are from Yitzchok Rosenthal. The new generation of Juniors is under the direction of the multi-talented Shloime Kaufman. Music arranged by Ron Tichon, with a additions track arranged by Aryeh Kunstler, Ruli Ezrachi and Ian Freitor. If you loved Shalsheles Junior 1 then you better prepare yourself for Shalsheles Junior 2. 1. Raninu 2. Aleinu 3. Nar Hayesee 4. Heyma 5. Ma Tovu 6. Shema Koleinu 7. Shalsheles Medley 8. Ani Maamin 9. Refainu 10. Yofyafisa