Sh'moy Shel Melech - Vol 4
Author: SM
Publisher: Yeshiva Boys Choir

Product Description
Sh'moy Shel Melech is guaranteed to keep The Yeshiva Boys Choir on the top of Jewish music charts as the world's best. With all new compositions and music, this recording is nothing short of amazing! YBC 1 and 2 featured the Cleveland choir, YBC 3 featured the 5-Towns choir and YBC 4 features the Brooklyn choir. Every YBC album stepped it up a notch in sound and production and this one does the same. The song "Sh'moy" is the next "Kol Hamispalel", "V'ohavta" & "Shabichi." There's also a new version of "Hamalach" on the album, which is definitely the runaway hit.

  • Sh'moy
  • Hamalach
  • Atoh Kidashtoh
  • Oz V'hodor
  • Baruch Hashem
  • Derech Sheker
  • Torah Tzivah
  • Min Hameitzar
  • Simcha
  • Koh Ribon