At The Village Gate
Author: Shlomo Carlebach
Publisher: SM

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Carlebach, Shlomo (14 Jan. 1925-21 Oct. 1994), Jewish spiritual leader and pioneer of the movement Return to Tradition, was born in Berlin, Germany, the son of Paula Cohn Carlebach and Rabbi Naftali Carlebach. His father, grandfather, and uncles were known rabbis, members of the German-Jewish movement of return to tradition, which attempted to be loyal to the halacha, the Jewish Law, at the same time that it strived to embrace European culture. The Carlebach rabbis had received university degrees in addition to rabbinical education. Shortly before the Nazi rise to power, the Carlebachs moved to Austria, where Carlebach's father found a position as a rabbi. After the Nazis' march into Austria in 1938, the family moved to New York, where Naftali Carlebach became the rabbi of Kehilat Jacob, a small Orthodox congregation on the Upper West Side of New York that was affiliated with Young Israel, a liberal Orthodox American movement. Song List

  • Pischu Li
  • Hisna'ari
  • Rachem
  • V'chol Hachayim
  • Hashmi'ini
  • Yomin U'smol
  • Esah Einai
  • V'zocher
  • Va'ani Sfiloso
  • Yisborach Shimcho

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