The Complete Recordings- Rosh Hashana
Author: Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt
Publisher: SM

The complete recordings by Cantor Josef Rosenblatt.

Product Description
JOSEF ROSENBLATT (1882-1933) The Caruso of the pulprit and without doubt one of the most dominating figures in matters cantorial doesn’t need any introduction. Rosenblatt was a well-schooled musician , possessor of a perfect trill and a divine falsetto. The voice was a phenomenal instrument with a tremendous range yet it also had its limits and was not on the same par of a few of his contemporaries or successors. His impact though will be forever enshrined in Jewish musical history. Rosenblatt often met with the greatest opera stars of his time: Enrico Caruso, Rosa Raisa, Titta Ruffo, Tetrazzini, Melba and Schipa to name but a few. His son Henry was a cantor too and recorded an LP with music of his legendary father.

  • Hin'ni Heoni
  • L'kel Orekh Din
  • Kel Dor Bamarom
  • K'vakoras
  • V'khol Maaminim
  • M'lokh
  • Hayom Haras Olom
  • Areshes S'fosenu
  • Holokh V'koroso
  • T'ka B'shofor