Journeys - Art In Motion 3
Author: Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund
Publisher: AD

A Musical Adventure based on the songs of Abie Rotenberg

Product Description
Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund proudly presents, for women and girls, a musical adventure based on the songs of Abie Rotenberg. Seventeen-year-old Shlome Ziegler's last words were, "Tatty, please, don't ever forget me." Then, this promising boy's life was lost to cancer, forever. His mother, Raizy Ziegler, took his words to heart, founded "Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund", thus keeping ShlomeĆ¢, a"h, memory alive. Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund aids families and patients whose lives have been victimized by cancer. They reach out to the Jewish community, and are based in many areas across New York and New Jersey. From doctors' bills to gas, from transportation to groceries and sheitels, Zichron Shlome goes behind the scenes to help alleviate as much pain as they possibly can through those terrorizing times. Whatever the family needs, may it be cleaning help, rent, subsidizing tuition, or tutors to help the children when Mommy and Tatty are at the hospital, Zichron Shlome will be there. They also provide much needed getaways for families, from a short hotel stay to renting out bungalows in the hot summers, and even give children the opportunity to go to camp. Zichron Shlome also initiated the Fulfill-A-Dream program, going beyond the norm just to help bring in some joy among so much fear. Whether a child wishes for a new computer or a chance to visit Disneyland, or an adult just wants some time away from home, they will attempt to make those dreams come true. Hundreds and thousands are forever grateful to this organization. All profits made from this CD will be donated towards this worthy cause, aiding those who are suffering from cancer.