Israel Sings
Publisher: LJ

50 Songs sung all over Israel. With the 'Irises' and 'Musikal' Singers. Musical Director: Rafi Pesahzon.

Made In Israel

Product Description
Phonetic lyrics are shown on screen and a booklet with Hebrew and phonetic lyrics is included. Songs Include:

  • Shuv Yotse Ha-zemer
  • Zemer Lah
  • Shirat Ha-Noded
  • Erets, Erets
  • Bo Iti El Ha-Galil
  • Malhut H-Hermon
  • El'ad Yarad El Ha-Yarden
  • Kessem Al Yam Kineret
  • Ruti
  • Arvey Parvarey-Moskva
  • Ruah Mevaderet
  • ...and many, many more