Kuni Lemel In Tel Aviv
Publisher: SE

Product Description
Comedy On his 90th birthday, Grandpa Kunilemel, who lives in Brooklyn, announces that the grandson who makes aliyah to Israel and marries a kosher Jewish girl will receive his inheritance. The twin grandsons are Kuni, a yeshiva student, and Moni, a heretic who lives in sin with his non-Jewish comedian girlfriend, Marilyn. Kuni goes to Israel and ends up trapped in an Orthodox yeshiva while the head of the yeshiva tries to set us Kuni with his ugly daughter. Moni comes to the same yeshiva dressed up as Kuni and successfully confuses the head of the yeshiva and his daughter - and things just get more confused from there... Will the grandsons receive their inheritance? Starring: Mike Borstein (in 3 roles), Mendy Reiss Davis, Ronit Porat, and others. Includes Hebrew and English subtitles.