Sites and Songs of Israel
Author: David & The High Spirit
Publisher: ww

DVD, Take a journey through Israel with this video tour accompanied by songs carefully selected to complement the presentation's stunning visuals. Also available on CD.

Product Description
A visually breathtaking and heartfelt musical journey across Israel's majestic vistas, holy sites and modern Israel scored to all time favorite songs about Israel. Each song delivers a different theme of sites and songs. "See Israel as never before!" "Watching this film makes you feel as if you're there. Take a song like "Jerusalem of Gold" and while enjoying the music, experience a visual journey across Jerusalem. Each song delivers a different theme of sights and sounds. A virtual tour across Israel" Major footage contribution courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Also available on CD: ISRAEL in Songs, Songs from the Film "Sites and Songs of Israel"

  • Sisu et Yerushalayim & Yerushalayim
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses)
  • Todah (Thank You)
  • Eretz Eretz
  • Al Kol Eleh
  • Sham Harei Golan [Instrumental]
  • Sharem a Sheik
  • Jerusalem of Gold
  • Kineret Sheli (My Sea of Galilee) [Instrumental]
  • Eretz Israel Yafa (The Beautiful Israel) [Instrumental]
  • How Beautiful Are the Nights in the Land of Israel [Instrumental]
  • Kan Noladeti (That's My Place) [Instrumental]
  • Kahol Ve' Lavan (Blue and White)
  • Hatikvah [Instrumental]

CD: - Israel in Songs $15.00
DVD $18.00