Kosher Lamp - Regency

Size: 10.75" tall x 4.25" wide, Uses Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Product Description
A simple twist reveals or hides the light on this innovative reading lamp - and it can be used on Shabbos according to halacha! It's a practical and innovative idea that's perfect in any room, as a gift or for everyone in your family. Best of all, the directed light won't disturb others and uses an energy saving bulb that lasts many years worth of Shabbosim. Regency KosherLamp™ This cylinder-shaped KosherLamp features ornate designs on both the top and the bottom of the Lamp. For those who want a fancy KosherLamp to accessorize their room, Regency is an excellent choice. It comes in Bronze and Silver.

Bronze $65.00
Silver $65.00