Passover Set - 3 Piece - 700
Publisher: KR

Velvet 3 Piece Matching Passover Set

Product Description
This set has everything you need to make your Seder all it can be. Matzah Cover: Velvet Matzah cover with heavy embroidery. The embroidery depicts the four cups used on the Seder night and the Cup of Elijah. It also shows the three Matzah's used and features a plethora of embroidered art work. This particular cover also features a unique partitioning for the three Matzah's that will be kept inside. Each partitioned section features a tab with the traditional name given to the Matzah's, Cohen, Levi, and Yisrael. Afikomen Bag: Made from the same fabric as the Matzah cover it also features the cups and the Matzah's, it also features a zippered closure to ensure that your Matzah stays where you put it. Pillow Case: Made from the same fabric as the Matzah cover and Afikomen bag, it has the addition of a lace trim along the edges. It also depicts a Jerusalem motif within the embroidery that the other two pieces do not have. It is designed to fit most standard size pillows. Set Includes:

  • Pillow Case W/Clear Plastic Protector
  • Matzah Cover W/Clear Plastic Protector
  • Afikomen Bag