Yemenite Shofar Of Various sizes

Shofar Size Large - 23-27" For various sizes see shofar listing

Made In Israel

Product Description
For various sizes see shofar listing

  • Polished Kudu Horn Yemenite -Shofar- From Israel - 23-27" to 43"
  • A beautiful high quality kudu (Yemenite) horn and classic Shofar. measure is taken from the outside curve of the Shofar.
  • This quality Shofar is handcrafted and polished in Israel.
  • The sound of the Shofar is magnificent!
  • Each Shofar is original and unique.
  • Shofars may vary, but similar to photo.

35-39 inch $150.00
27-31 inch $120.00
39-43 inch $175.00
23-27 inch $100.00
31-35 inch $140.00