Devorah's Song and the Battle of Kishon
Publisher: JP

Introducing TanachQuest Adventure #2

Product Description
Oppressed by the cruel Canaanites, the Jews turn to Devorah the Prophetess for her wise counsel. They miraculously defeat General Sisera and his legionsóbut can they capture Sisera before he has a chance to regroup? Following in the footsteps of Ehudís Courage and the Cunning Blade, the first TanachQuest Adventure, Devorahís Song and the Battle of Kishon features a rich cast of Biblical characters, from Devorah and Barak to Sisera and Yael. Puzzles abound, but if you carefully read the Biblical story, youíll find a way to win. This is a challenging adventure filled with exquisite graphics, amazing animation, and endless enjoyment. Game Highlights: * Use strategy and maps to plan your course of action * Superb full-screen graphics and animation * Challenging puzzles and clues * Explore the ancient world of Biblical Israel * Easy to use point and click interface For ages 12 through adult. Win/Mac | CD System Requirements: PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 128MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card or Macintosh with 128 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, System 9 or OS X