Tefillin Gasot
Publisher: SS

Tefillin Gassot - Ashkenaz/Sefardic/Ari Zal 4.0 cm Large Batim

Made In Israel

Product Description
Gassot (Thick Ones) - These are made entirely out of a single piece of thick leather (with inserts to ensure they close flat). This requires the repeated use of several tons of pressure in industrial presses as part of a complicated but delicate production plan. The resulting batim are so durable and thick that they can be renewed even if seriously damaged and they typically last a lifetime. The straps are made from the top part of the skin(retsu’ot elion). Kosher and proofread by an expert proofreader. Comes with a computer check certificate from a certified sopher. If you are a Right-Handed you wear the tefillin on the left arm If you are a Left-Handed you wear the tefillin on the right arm

  • Bag Is Not Included
  • Please note with order
  • Right hand or
  • Left hand

Ashkenazi 3.5cm $950.00
Ari Zal 3.5cm $950.00
Chabad 4 cm $995.00
Sefardic 3.5cm $825.00