Silly Tales of Chelm vol1
Author: Silly Tales of Chelm
Publisher: Sameach Music

Product Description
Jewish stories have alway been a means of communicating the various flavors and idiosyncrasies to be found within Jewish lives. Whether inspirational, humorous or educational, Jewish stories have survived the test of time because the messages speak to all generations past and present as well as to all ages. In this unique animated collection of ten classic Jewish stories, you will find much joy and laughter. Silliness, wit, wisdom and faith are all front and center in this well-produced and safe for children collection. List of Stories

  • The Chelm Deli
  • The Rooster of Chelm
  • The Wagon Drive
  • Message in a Dream
  • The Robbery
  • Wandering Jews
  • Rock Borscht
  • Finders Keepers?
  • The Value of Mud
  • What is the Custom?