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Love Your Neighbor
Author: Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Publisher: BY

A practical guide to man's relationship with his fellow man
Hard cover $25.00
Paper back $14.95

  Product Description
Love Your Neighbor is a monumental work dealing with all aspects of man's relationship with his fellow man. Following the order of the Torah, it is a practical guide to the basic laws of all commandments pertaining to our relationship with others: chesed (all forms of kindness), speech, business integrity and general honesty, honoring parents and teachers, rebuke, usury, returning lost objects, husband-wife relationship, revenge, love and hate. It also contains insights from the narrative of the Torah as to how our forefathers dealt with people, and stories from the lives of prominent scholars and sages showing how they implemented Torah principles in their daily lives. The material in this work has been culled from over 270 sources, encompassing the full range of Torah literature and will benefit both the scholar and the beginner. A careful study of Love Your Neighbor will make the reader sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and hopefully will inspire him to elevate his behavior toward his fellow man.

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