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Judaism in a Nutshell - Israel
Author: Shimon Apisdorf
Publisher: JP

An easy-to-use guide for people who are long on curiosity, but short on time. Paper back.


  Product Description
This book is divided into three sections, The Promised Land, the
Disputed Land and The Holy Land.

The Promised Land is an overview of the origins of the Jewish relationship to the land of Israel from the time
of Abraham, through the two Temples and continuing through the centuries of dispersion.

The Disputed Land is an overview of the origins and impact of modern Zionism, the birth of the State of Israel and its long quest for peace. This section includes a detailed summary of the major aspects of the current conflict including refugees, Arafat and the PLO, Oslo, Camp David and the Intifada.

The Holy Land is a survey of the spiritual significance and centrality of Israel and Jerusalem to Judaism and the Jewish people.

To many, if not most Jews today, it seems almost impossible to comprehend what is really going on in Israel and the Middle East and why.

This book presents a thorough and easily understandable overview of the history of the conflict as well as a framework for understanding current events. Additionally, the book aims to inspire Jews with an appreciation of the remarkable and beautiful relationship that has always existed between the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

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