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Testaments of Israel
Publisher: LJ

Testaments of Israel is a work of the highest quality, comprising 176 pages and measuring 12 x 12.5 inches.


  Product Description
Each striking image and its accompanying biblical quote - in English and Hebrew - occupy a double-page layout. An enduring gift that is sure to be cherished and enjoyed.

Testaments of Israel is a simply stunning photographic study of Israel as viewed through the lenses of 40 renowned Israeli and international photographers. The beauty of their images is further enhanced by accompanying biblical quotes in English and Hebrew. Quotes which, when coupled with the high resolution color photographs, not only take on even greater significance but also lend an entirely different perspective to a wonderful collection of late 20th Century images of Israel. As a corporate gift, Testaments of Israel cannot fail to make a truly discerning statement about your corporation.

Beautifully bound and in large format, Testaments of Israel is sure to enchant and enthrall anyone, irrespective of nationality or faith. From images of joyful Japanese pilgrims in Jerusalem to a virtual kaleidoscope of flowers in the Negev Desert, each photograph is truly a snapshot in time, preserved for ever, and - together with its accompanying quote - selected for its sheer impact.

Remarkably, each biblical quote relates to the modern world with as much significance as it did in ancient times.

Simply look around the site and you'll soon gain a far deeper insight into the joy of owning or giving Testaments of Israel.

Available only for corporate and charitable gift programs as well as multiple sales, this prestigious presentation set comes complete in its own gift case and can be individually personalized. Includes Time-Life photographer David Rubinger's acclaimed CD-ROM 'Portrait of Israel'.

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