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The Maggid Speaks
Author: Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn
Publisher: MES

Favorite stories and parables of rabbi Sholom Schwardron shlita, Maggid of Jerusalem
Hard cover $23.99
Paper back $20.99

  Product Description
Anyone who has ever heard and rabbi Sholom Schwadron speak will never forget him. The voice. The style. The content. The humor. The tears. The insights. He is a pulpit virtuoso of the old breed. Reb Sholom is one of the great public speakers of this era. His discourses in Jerusalem, Europe, and America have attracted listeners by the thousand, who sit rapt, captivated by this master of a vanishing art.
The traditional maggid - like the legendary maggidim of Dubno, Kelm, and Bialystok - would go from town to town to encourage and admonish, raise the spirits of the downtrodden and quash the haughty and urge his listeners to improve the religious quality of their lives. But he was not merely a purveyor of fire and brimstone. His address would be filled with stories and parables, for the master maggid had to be a master storyteller as well. His stories were the sugar coating for a profound Torah message - but what a delectable coating it was!
This book is an original. It is a selection of rabbi Sholom Schwadron's favorite stories and parables, the gems theat have moved audiences on three continents. Of his thousands of stories, this collection is the best of the best.

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